Blue Skies - A photography exhibition by women who have experienced violence

Artists from participatory arts charity Spare Tyre have collaborated with women from Solace Women's Aid to explore themes of hope, transformation and aspirations through visual art and digital photography. During weekly sessions, the women experimented with process, artforms and subject matter. The project culminated in women developing their perspectives through the lens of a camera. Blues Skies is a showcase of photography exploring new processes, ideas and perspectives. We explore what it means to dream and eventually turn those dreams into reality.

 'Blue skies, I think...represented...a sense of new beginnings and freedom...[Ifelt] very inspired and free. People who have experienced violence often alternate between seeing themselves either as victims or survivors. In this group we could begin to see ourselves as both of these but also as creators.' Blue Skies Participant




















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EXHIBITION Information

18th & 19th January 2017

Photography Exhibition