All Sculptures by Vojsava Fakhro.

"Having qualified and practised as an architect for many years, I turned to sculpture in the '80s. This began with an introduction to clay modelling under the guidance of a portrait sculptor who had a profound influence on my development in that field. The human form was my main point of reference, and my preferred medium was clay. I enjoyed loosely piling lumps of this malleable material to form a likeness of the sitter; the heavily textured surface was to became my personal style.

I later progressed to wood and stone. With these materials I try to capture a flow in forms, still with the human body as my direct source of inspiration. Wood certainly lends itself to that flow (stone less so), where the grain often dictates which way the chisel goes:  though I am in control of the tools, there is an unpredictability which I find both daunting and exciting.

A piece of charred wood, found on a pile of smouldering wood in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and lovingly carried back to London, pointed towards a new direction. By selectively exposing my completed sculptures to a blow torch, I could introduce greater tonal contrast and texture to my work.

Experimenting with resin, cement, papier mache and metal (for which, sadly, I no longer have facilities) I can develop new techniques through using a variety of materials. Light has played an important part in some of my work and I intend to incorporate more of this in future."




















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Body and Soul will run from 22nd - 25th November 2017

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