‘London—--the city of fog’ is one of London’s most well-known stereotypes among people in China. When Dickens’ famous Oliver Twist was introduced in China, the title was literally translated as ‘The orphan in the foggy capital’. Though it has been over half a century since the Great Smog of '52, many Chinese people still expect to be shrouded in fog on their first visit to London.  To the surprise of most, London is mercifully fog-free. Ironically, fog is no longer new to people in today’s China. Pollution has brought Beijing back into the past—-- like London in its fifties and sixties.

On 11th December 2013, an impenetrable fog rolled into London and heavily enveloped the city.  Coincidentally, ‘The 2013 Eastern China Smog’, which is one of the worst bouts of air pollution in the area attacked China within the same month.  The fog that lingered over the two countries blurs the differences between the post-industrial UK and the fast-industrializing China.  However, the fog in the UK makes people reflect the past, whilst the fog in China makes people fear about the future.

Albert's photographs are his artistic response to the environmental and social issues we face today.

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Albert Zhang Solo Exhibition features 12 photographs, all taken by the artist on the 11th December 2013 in London. As an artist born and bred in Beijing, Albert has a complex feeling towards fog. Though obsessed by the artistic beauty of it, Albert knows the meaning of fog to Beijing, which has made his hometown somewhere ‘uninhabitable for human beings’. The smothering, rising mist in these images paradoxically heighten the poetic illusionary beauty and evoke traditional Chinese painting through the ages.  This is also not lost on Albert’s attraction to such foggy vistas.
















EXHIBITION Information

'Chasing Fog' will run from 26th June - 1st July 2015 (Opening night 25th June 2015, 7-9pm)

Photography Exhibition

Opening hours 12 - 7pm Daily