The London Painters and Sculptors Group (LPSG) is formed of eight painters and two sculptors.
The group who have known each other for many years, are friends as well as colleagues sharing gallery visits, studio time and supporting each other through various career successes.

Following on from last year’s successful exhibition, the LPSG has chosen to return to Camden Image Gallery for its annual exhibition. The group’s “Colour & Form ’19” exhibition will allow visitors to explore each of the artists’ contemporary response to the theme of colour, shape and form.

New work will be on display and members of the LPSG will be in the gallery throughout the exhibition to discuss the exhibited pieces. The work will be available for sale.

The members of the LPSG are: Margaret Crutchley, Raina Goran, Jess Miller, Clive Patterson, Fiona Payne, Helen Robinson, Helen Ryan, Cary Whitworth,
Kate Willows and Feza Yuksel.

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- Margaret Crutchley
- Raina Goran
- Jess Miller
- Clive Patterson
- Fiona Payne
- Helen Robinson
- Helen Ryan
- Cary Whitworth
- Kate Willows
- Feza Yuksel.
















EXHIBITION Information

15th - 20th October 2019

Painting & Sculpture Exhibition

Opening hours 11am - 6pm Daily