The Expressive Collective returns for another show at the Camden Image Gallery. With this year’s show, entitled ‘Juxtapose’ the diverse group of artists seeks to draw out the nature of the contradictory forces that form existence.  Shown through the lens of very different art forms and styles, each artist conveys their own interpretation of what to juxtapose means to them, through sculpture, painting, drawing and graphic design. With this exhibition you can expect the unexpected and find harmony in dischord. ‘Juxtapose’ is on at the Camden Image Gallery from the 15th of August to the 23rd of August. 



















- Amanda Houchen
- Alice von Gotha
- Billy Valencia
- Brian Hollingsworth
- Kasia Niemczynska
- Lami Makinde 
- Marek Rybowicz
- Stine Burgess
- Umi Qulatien
- Theon Marcel
















EXHIBITION Information

Juxtapose will run from 16th - 23rd August 2015

Mixed Media Exhibition

Opening hours 12 - 7pm Daily