An exhibition to celebrate the work of Simon Black. 

Simon Black 1958-2008

Simon Black was a figurative artist who died in 2008 at the age of 49. Born in Manchester, he trained at the Wolverhampton School of Art, and studied etching at Rochdale. He moved to London in 1986.

Over his lifetime he created hundreds of artworks using many different medium – etchings, drawings, watercolours, acrylics and oils, as well as 3D pieces.

Simon used diverse sources in his work including the autobiographical, urban incidents, memory and photographs, grounded in the collective visual environment. Sense of location was crucial for him and the human figure was key. His paintings set up a dialogue of opposites between humour and the serious, the collective and the solitary, movement and inertia, the past and the present.

His work hangs in private and public spaces, including at the Royal Free Hospital where there are 6 commissioned pieces hanging in the Atrium, reflectingdifferent aspects of hospital life.

This exhibition will mark 10 years since his untimely death. It is an opportunity to celebrate his work, to remember his life, and to share his unique vision.  

















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Simon Black
















EXHIBITION Information

17th - 29th March 2018

Fine Art Exhibition

Opening hours 11am - 6pm Daily