Tessy Gold Starry recently completed a painting course at the Slade UCL and has been accepted for an Artists Residency at The Royal College of Art. She previously studied Literature at CambridgeUniversity and can play four instruments. She has some loving family and friends. Tess believes the Arts challenges perception and lifts the spirit; paramount in today's society. 

This exhibition features characterful charcoal illustrations depicting a range of emotion. They are original, expressive and provoke reaction. Many of the canvases are oil with a variety of colours. They display twinning of animals reinforcing the themes of love and solidarity amongst specific animal groups. 

The illustrations and paintings are upbeat in nature, suitable for all ages,( 1 year to 99!) and can be used as a simple picture in a home or as a stimulus for young children's writing or play. 


Nicholas Jay - "I have had a keen interest in photography ever since my parents gave me a Chinon film SLR for my birthday when I was a teenager. 

Over this time I have had a wide ranging interest in many photography styles and genres. Most recently I have undertaken a long and quite detailed photographic study of the Mediterranean island of Malta and have a collection of many hundreds of photographs of it's architecture, people and events. In May I will be undertaking a commission to photograph the interior and exterior of a holiday guest house and will be undertaking various other portraits and events. I also enjoy rural and urban landscape, wildlife, wedding, art photography and digital surreal / fantasy / abstract processing and montage. I'm currently living in north Norfolk and also appreciate city life. I enjoy travelling with my camera and am always ready to make that shot. I'm an amateur poet with a keen interest in the Arts and the expression of ideas and emotions visually, musically and verbally."

Preening circles; This is a short series of monochrome photographs of a drift of preening swans on the River Great Ouse in Ely, England. The word circles in the title describes three related elements that are present; the circles and curves made by the swans' necks, the resulting water ripples and the social circle of the drift.



















- Nicholas Jay
- Tessy Gold Starry
















EXHIBITION Information

This exhibition will be on display 10th June 2017

Photography and Drawing Exhibition

Open 11am - 6pm