"I started taking photos of the BT Tower in 2011 for no particular reason. I live in Camden and would just see it all the time. I took lots of dull shots until one day I was at TATE Modern and took one I really liked. I started to get more creative, ditched the Blackberry and embraced the iPhone. 

There are two rules. I can only take photos with my phone, which is why some are very low res. And I can only take them if I happen upon a view, i.e. I never go somewhere to set up a shot. 

There was an internal debate when instagram came along. Was it cheating? Fortunately I decided it wasn't and started to have some fun with the pictures.

It's become an odd fascination but less with the actual building than with the amazing city that is London and its infinite possible view points. " 





















- Cleo

















EXHIBITION Information

20th May 2018

Photography Exhibition

Opening hours 11am - 6pm