Labour Of Love

21st - 26th May 2015 
Opening Night 20th May 6-9pm

Andrew Foster, award winning artist and father of 2, challenges the common perception that miscarriage only happens to women; exploring his and other men’s miscarriage experience.

On a personal level, he celebrates the lives of the 3 children he has lost through miscarriage. This work is not sentimental or depressing but has an authenticity, integrity and a tenderness that breaks down the perception of who experiences miscarriage. 

 This work will provoke the viewer with its joyous aesthetics and challenging content. Both men and women will be moved by the imagery that celebrates the everyday experiences of fatherhood.

 Included in the exhibition will be a 75ft x 2ft 4” scroll painting, ‘Pain will not have the last word’, inflatable sculptures that act as uncomfortable symbols of joy, and an 11ft x 11ft painting, ‘Miscarriage of Justice’ previously shown in New York in 2011.















Miscarriage of Justice

Miscarriage of Justice


















EXHIBITION Information

Labour of Love will run from 21st - 26th May 2015 (Opening night 20th May 2015)

Mixed Media Exhibition

Opening hours 12 - 7pm Daily