Following more than ten years of promotion, sales and exhibitions spotlighting the art of senior Pakistani artist, the Late master Tasaduq Sohail, The Noble Sage Art Collection is proud to announce the acquisition of seven works on paper by Sohail by the Tate Collection in London. 

As a celebration of this sale to a museum that Sohail himself once visited for inspiration, indeed in the city that gave birth to his art, The Noble Sage will be hosting a commemorative exhibition at Camden Image Gallery spotlighting a selection of stunning watercolour and ink paintings on paper from the same set that Tate acquired their own.    

This exhibition will be a unique tribute to the life of an extraordinary Pakistani artist who now is accepted as a key contributor to British and world art history. 

Please not that there are some paintings in this exhibition that may not be suitable for children.















Screenshot 2019-03-09 11.44.36.png



- Tasaduq Sohail


















EXHIBITION Information

21st - 26th March 2019

Painting Exhibition

Opening hours 11am - 6pm Daily