Art Conclave

4th - 9th August 2015
Drinks Reception: Monday 3rd August 6-9pm 

Art Concave is an exhibition by a group of contemporary artists from India. There will be a range of Paintings, Prints and Sculptures on display.
Curated by Gaurav Mangla. 


Curators Introduction:

Art Conclave – as its very meaning implies, this exhibition is the summit of deep dredged out ideas meeting in a confluence, When intensely significant inner vision are transmitted to be received by equally significant and intense listeners and viewers. This is what Art Conclave is all about.

The exhibition is an initiative to promote Indian artist globally. Where the number of artists, who have been blessed with a divine aura, which is continuously en lighting this world with new thoughts and concepts in the field of Art, will share their ideas, experiences, concepts and more importantly their efforts behind their creations to art lovers and artists.

Art Conclave is an idea to put upcoming & established artists together, who have dealt with different mediums with different subjects. The works presents various thoughts showing an inclination towards society and its issues, they also realize the power that art has to influence the minds and lives of people. The collection presents varied flavor of art in terms of paintings, prints and sculptures.

Camden Image Gallery will provide a platform to the group of artists with a desire to take the spirit of appreciation, expression and love for art beyond boundaries. Artistic talent blooms within every individual irrespective of race, religion, language or country and each one develops a unique style of their own. “Black Mango” is an organization which endeavors to bring forth many such art events. We are a meeting point to exhibit creative art and exchange authentic ideas through artistic expressions. We act as a catalyst for exchange of various forms of creativity and art skills with other parts of the world.

Our initiative is to support established artists to showcase their talent worldwide. We provide a platform for young and emerging artists to launch their works in the art arena and we nurture such talent to gain fame and popularity. We provide them invaluable learning in this process.

The exhibits in the show brings variety and style of art works, which will rise above the peaks and cliffs of the art world to reach the summit.

Hope you’ll enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

Gaurav Mangla




















-Ajit Deswandikar
-Anuradha Daate
-Babu Hussain
-Uttam Chapte
-Gaurav Mnagla
-Jyoti Rane
-Manisha Dore
-Manmeet Kaur
-Murali A M
-Pallavi Chandolia
-Parul Sharma
-Praveen Achath
-Rahul & Rohan
-Ramesh kandagiri 
-Ruchi Sharma
-Sanjukta Dutta
-Sheetal Aggaarwal
-Shrabana Nath
-Simi Sharma
-Sravanthij Jluri
-Swarna Sagar
-N.Swarna Latha
















EXHIBITION Information

'Art Concave' is on display from 4th - 9th August 2015 (Drinks Reception - Monday 3rd August 2015 6-9pm)

Mixed Media Exhibition

Opening hours 12 - 7pm Daily