Whether through choice or befallen, personal experience, desire and fear make indelible marks on our identity that reveal the physique-psyche interconnection.

'Indelible' explores the relationship that we share with our physical self through the varied approach of nine artists whose practice is primarily concerned with the male figure. 

Nude For Thought London Art is a loose collective of London based male artists whose practice focuses on the male form. 
Founded in 2012, NFTL Art has staged two exhibitions in the last two years and exhibited at DEARTE - Madrid International Art Fair 2016. 
NFTL Art engages in a variety of activities, including life-drawing sessions for various levels of ability.



















- Jonathan Armour
- Robert Lee Baker
- Boaz Ben Boaz
- Ed Bucknall
- Andres Canovas
- Brian Dennis
- Richard Dickson
- Martin Ireland
- Jesus Molinera (Guest artist)
















EXHIBITION Information

This exhibition will be on display 2nd - 7th November 2016

Fine Art Exhibition

Open 11am - 6pm Daily