The exhibition project, inspired by the Icelandic documentary film "Innsaei", focuses on the idea of Nature in the contemporary. Nature, our mother earth, is conceived here in all its complexity, as a silent witness with its strength, immensity and beauty that observes us leaving us aware of our fragility with respect to it and reminding us that in the end all is one, everything belongs to the same substance of the cosmos.

It is nature today that dictates an ethics in an imperative way and it will be nature in the future that obliges us to return to our essence. How long will the earth be able to accommodate a selfish human being who thinks and acts on the basis of the laws of the market and of interest? From here depends our destiny of inhabitants of the planet. All the achievements of contemporary art cannot be separated from the comparison with nature because it represents the measure of conscience and sensitivity.

Nature, therefore, is the Silent Witness, it has a soul watching us and gives without wanting anything in return, like the sun that rises and sets every day following a cosmic harmony. Nature is sacred, and art, looking at it, can contribute to the awareness and the birth of a new planetary consciousness. "Human and Nature with the united soul will build a new world", Joseph Beuys often repeated, and this is what we hope for and this is also the spirit with which the artists worked.

The exhibition "The Silent Witness" is an international event that starts from Milan and then continues, in 2019, to New York from December 11th to December 22nd 2018 and London from February 12 to February 23 2019 



















- Catherine Cailliau
- Stefania Carrozzini
- Kentaro Chiba
- Amela Cikota
- Patrick Dennis
- Gaia Di Blasio
- Jasmin Genzel
- Susi Lamarca 
- Elisabeth Laplante 
- Temel Nal
- Gerd Rucker
- Misa Sawairi
- Marion Schmidtke
- Diana Storey 


















EXHIBITION Information

12th - 23rd February 2019

Mixed Media Exhibition

Opening hours 11am - 6pm Daily