A life on canvas, a breath on sculpture.

From sculpture and photography to painting, art consultants Zeynep Ober & Gulce Ilken gather a group of famous artists for demonstrating their talents, experiences and emotions through their own perspective. They are going to reveal the beauty and awe in the world through their physical and spiritual awareness and to show Londoners’ that how one piece of art can change everything.

This exhibition is bringing artists together from different places and cultures around the world to show the healing power of art. There will be artists from the UK, Turkey, Germany, and China.

‘Beyond Words’ are here to emphasize that art has the power to heal, inspire, challenge and also to offer hope to anyone and everyone.















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- Ben Wilson
- Bryce Willem
- Carla Dentamaro
- Cassia Liu
- Emre Tamer
- Kaan Baltacı
- Lolita Asil
- Nerkiz Akcura
- Nevruz Akdag
- Onur Aydın Ayyıldız
- Zeki Dervisoglu
The honoured veteran: Gungor Taner
















EXHIBITION Information

5th - 8th November 2019

Mixed Media Exhibition

Opening hours 11am - 6pm Daily